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CT Fire Damage Restoration and Repair Services

CT Fire Damage Restoration and Fire Damage repair can't wait. Cleaning up fire and smoke damage from CT homes is the first step you'll need to take after a disaster. After the damage is cleaned up it's time to repair the damage that was done by fire and smoke. From there the restoration process can return your home to better than new condition.

Don't wait, when fire and smoke damage occur our CT fire damage restoration service can help you handle everything from insurance claims to cleanup and restoration. Call Santoro Connecticut fire and smoke damage experts today. 203-287-9787

Smoke and Fire DamageYears of Experience in Connecticut Smoke and Fire Damage

Santoro has been cleaning up and restoring Connecticut homes that have been compromised by smoke and fire damage for over 25 years. We'll even help you get the right estimate for your insurance claim and help you deal with the insurance companies. When you choose our fire damage restoration and repair service you know your home is in good hands.

"Because we are a contracting company we can always get our emergency fire and smoke clean up, repair and restoration service to your home at a moments notice. We know that when disaster strikes you can't put your life on hold till a team can get out there next Tuesday, you need help now. Santoro will never leave you, your family, your home or business waiting" - Tony Santoro

Let's take some time to talk about fire and smoke damage and how it can effect your Connecticut home and then we will discuss the cleanup, repair and restoration process.

CT Fire Damage

Having fire damage effect your CT home or commercial property can be absolutely devastating, although fire damage insurance may cover many of the costs the emotional strain and time away from your normal routine can cause far reaching problems.

When disaster strikes fire and smoke damage must be taken care of immediately. That is why our emergency fire cleanup, restoration and repair service can help. When you call us we don't make an appointment for next week, we get our guys out there ASAP.

Connecticut Smoke Damage

Fire damage is only part of what can cause damage to your house. Smoke damage clean-up, repair and restoration are just as important and devastating to your Connecticut home or business. Our emergency fire and smoke damage teams are trained to repair any type of destruction a fire may cause.

Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup

The first step to dealing with Connecticut fire damage is cleanup. Before we can repair or restore your home we need to make sure that we do a full cleaning. As a contracting company who has been working with CT residents to repair fire damage for over 25 years, we come equipped to handle any problem at a moments notice.

We will make sure we have the right equipment and enough workers to make sure our fire and smoke damage cleanup service works quickly and efficiently.

Connecticut Smoke and Fire Damage Repair

Once the smoke and fire damage has been cleaned up from your CT home, it's time to repair the structural damage your home has suffered. Our repair service doesn't wait until we are ready to get the job done, our wide network allows us to help you when you are ready. We know that you can't wait to put your life back in order.

CT Fire Damage Restoration

Now that the cleanup is done and the structural damage is repaired it's time for fire and smoke damage restoration. During the restoration process we restore your Connecticut home to it's former glory. Since we work with high-end Connecticut homes every day doing new home construction and additions we are more than equipped to not only restore your home, but to improve it.

When you Hire us We:

-Immediately take the necessary actions to protect your home from further damage
-Fix wiring, plumbing or any other necessary aspect that your home or business can't do without
-Ensure that we have all the proper work permits and follow all local building codes
-We help you to process your insurance claim. We work with fire and water damage claims every day so we know how to ensure you get the proper compensation for your loss. We will even work directly with the insurance companies to protect you and your home or business.

If your home or business has suffered fire or smoke damage don't wait for clean up, repairs or restoration. Our CT fire and smoke damage restoration service is ready for any emergency. Contact us Now or Call 203-287-9787 and we'll get the job done.