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Basement Remodels In Fairfield

Fairfield Basement Remodel: Why Using Professional Basement Remodelers Will Save You Moneyand Keep Your House Healthy

We have been remodeling basements in Fairfield CT for years. Remodeling your basement adds valuable living space. No longer is the basement a place to store potatoes and do laundry. Now-a-days people want home theaters, family rooms, playrooms and everything one can imagine. Your home should be safe and comfortable, not a place that makes you sick or endangers the stability of your home. There are many things to take into consideration when planning a basement remodel. The problem is that even professional basement remodel companies and basement finishing contractors alike are not properly preparing the basement space BEFORE they finish it. Thus begins your journey with Santoro Building in Fairfield.

basement remodel fairfieldFairfield Basement Remodels: Air Quality

Things in your home can cause air quality problems, including flooded basements, basements with moisture, humidity, and foundation cracks. Before the recent popularity of basement remodels, many didn't consider their basement as much more than a place for the laundry, a workout area, a playroom or just for storage. An occasional 'musty' smell is often overlooked, which can be a critical mistake. The vast majority of basements throughout the US and even Fairfield have water and moisture seeping in through concrete walls and rising up through the floor. Santoro Building in Fairfield is with you every step of your basement remodel.

Basement Remodels in Fairfield: Other Hidden Dangers

Keep in mind the 'musty' smell you want to eliminate with the basement remodel. Mold Spores and Radon Gases can be found in your very own household. In high concentrations, these pollutants are very harmful. Mold and mildew are probably the most common problems found in basements today. Radon is in 1 out of 4 Homes in general. Radon is a cancer-causing natural radioactive gas that you can't see, smell, or taste. Iron Bacteria, which is commonly seen in CT basements, the "rusty colored stuff". High level presence of iron or manganese in groundwater often gives rise to the growth of an organism called iron bacteria, which you obviously want to avoid during your basement remodel. Unfortunately, more than 1 out of 3 houses begin their basement remodels without first properly preparing it. Santoro Building in Fairfield won't let you be part of that basement remodel statistic.

Fairfield Basement Remodels: Healthy Finishing

Basements are naturally damp and humid, therefore they need to be properly prepared. Basements not properly prepared become a breeding ground for mold that can affects the health of everyone in your household. To avoid the health problems that people are facing because of this, it is so beneficial to use a company like Santoro for your basement remodel. Each professional contractor specializes in their expertise of the aspects of the basement remodel. Homeowners should be given the choice of having a healthy and safe basement that is remodeled without compromising the appearance of a finished space or the quality and safety of the basement remodel itself.

basement remodel fairfieldBasement Remodel in Fairfield: Basement Finishing Facts

A basement remodel is a major project. It will add significant value to your home and can increase living space by 100%. A basement remodel is a good investment. According to cost versus value surveys conducted annually by Remodeling magazine, the average return on investment for a basement project nationally is currently around 75 cents on the dollar. And a basement remodel is going to add functionality to your home: more space to entertain, more rooms, and even more storage.

Preparing properly for the basement remodel will avoid future water and moisture problems. Finished basements can end up with mold and other moisture related problems behind the finished walls. Santoro Building understands the details of waterproofing and proper ventilation during your remodel.

Wall and Flooring products meant for below-grade applications should be used for basement remodeling. Even tiny fluctuations in moisture levels can cause buckling and splitting of non-safe basement flooring. Basement interior walls should be mold and mildew resistant. Protection and proper installation methods should be applied between the foundation wall and the interior wall. Santoro will use all of the proper materials for your remodel.

´┐╝Contact Santoro Building: Fairfield Premiere Basement Remodeling Company

Call us today and we will give you a free quote and consultations on your basement remodeling job!

The company you choose for your basement remodel will make a difference in how successful your finished basement will be. A basement finishing company should be knowledgeable specifically in working in basements and know Fairfield's building code, which Santoro does. Don't only consider price as a factor in deciding which company to use. There is NO greater disappointment than spending money for a substandard job! Santoro Building in Fairfield will create a healthy and safe living area without compromising the quality, design, and the overall appearance of a new finished space. We thank you for choosing Satisfaction by choosing Santoro! You will love your basement remodel