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Water Damage Repair / Restoration / Prevention

Water Damage From a Storm Or Flood? Call Santoro Before it's Too Late.

Water damage repair, water damage restoration, and water damage prevention prevent or restore the integrity of homes facing storm or flood damage. Without proper water, storm and flood prevention storm, flood or water damage can leave you needing repairs or even water restoration work. Leaving still water and water damage untreated could seriously impact the integrity of your house. Keep your house on a strong foundation by ensure that your water, storm and flood damages are repaired and restored before it's too late. Contact us today and we will be there ASAP to address water damage. Repair and Restoration can't wait when it comes to water damage!

Contact Santoro Building and Design of Connecticut for any Storm or Flood Repair, Restoration, or Prevention job.Water Damage Restoration

Storm Repair CT

Santoro Building and design of Connecticut are your storm repair experts - we know when a storm hits the water damage's it cause can be devastating. What is even more devastating is letting the water sit creating wet basements or letting a damaged window remain unprepared. These damages can become exponentially problematic if not attended to immediately. That is why we are always ready to handle any storm repair job big or small. Don't let water damage or flood damage get the best of you. Call us at today for for repair or prevention services. We handle wet basements, flood damage, roof repair, replacement windows, gutter repair, all storm repairs, water damage prevention, and more.

Water Damage Restoration CT

The experts at Santoro Building and Design of Connecticut know water damage restoration. Just like fire damage water damage does an amazing amount of damage almost immediately, unlike fire damage however untreated water damage keeps causing damage until all the affected surfaces are dried and repaired. That means every day you wait the water damages increase as does the repair bill. That's why Santoro focuses on quick and effective water damage restoration.

Mold can be a real problem if still water is let to stand. Repair your wet basement or other water damaged areas of your home immediately to prevent further damages!

Don't hire the wrong company. You could pay up to double or triple our rates. We offer 24/7 service and have a wide array of experts with years of service. No matter what your restoration needs we offer a full range of services from water extraction, mold removal, carpet cleaning, replacement windows and all repair, reconstruction and restoration.

Replacement Windows CT

One of the most vulnerable aspects of your home during a storm are the windows. A storm can strike with little warning and unless you have heavy duty storm shutters windows can be the first thing to be damaged when high winds come. We offer a speedy and economical solution for replacement windows. We offer replacement windows that are installed with care to ensure protection during future storms.

Replacing your windows is about more than just protection from further storm damages it's about making your house look good. Since we at Santoro are Building and Design experts of high-end custom homes you can be sure that you will be beautifying your home with your replacement windows.

Basement Waterproofing CT

Santoro of Connecticut knows water damage prevention. A storm or flood can cause devastating damages that come with big repair bills. By waterproofing your basement you can protect against water damage. Prevention means never solving the issue before it occurs to protect your home. It's not just storms and floods that cause water damage but, pipes, drains, hoses, and appliances can all cause water damage unexpectedly. That is why we focus on prevention by offering Boccia's wet basement solution a state-of-the-art drained system that removes water from below the floor and foundation reducing hydrostatic pressure and preventing water submersion. That solution is hollow kick molding and you can learn more about it right now by going here. Home Remodeling Kitchen

Flood Repair CT

Flooding can come without warning and devastate your basement and first floor. We at Santoro focus on flood repair. When the storm or flood hits you need to act immediately. The longer water sits the more damages come from mold and rot. If you wait you could even sustain major structural damaged to your home. Not only will we repair your flood damages but we will also remodel effected areas for storm and flood prevention moving forward.

Storm Damage Roof Repair CT

One of the most vulnerable areas of your house during a storm is your roof. That is why we at Santoro Building and Design in Connecticut specialize in storm damage roof repair. We can repair any type of roof. Don't wait to repair your roof, water can seep in and cause even further damage. We will make sure that all water and mold is removed and your roof is repaired stronger than ever and ready for the next storm!

Insurance Repairs and Claims CT

Santoro of CT knows insurance repairs and claims. Don't be fooled by other companies. We will do a free inspection to determine water damages from storms and flooding. After our inspection to determine what repairs will be needed we will walk with you through the processing your claim with your insurance company.

Once we have submitted your insurance repair claim our experts will show all of your water damages to the insurance adjuster or engineer and help to come up with the best restoration plan for you.

Once everyone is on the same page with what needs to be done we at Santoro of CT can organize all of the labor so you can just sit back and watch as our expert builders, designers, and craftsmen work to restore your roofing, basements, windows, gutters, siding, interior, and any other area of your home that was effected by water damages.


Contact Santoro Building and Design of Connecticut for any Storm or Flood Repair, Restoration, or Prevention job.